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The start of something new...
Published on November 1, 2004 By Lengirl In Life Journals
Dear Floozie (aka Suz),

Hi there, I wanted to take the opportunity to say a big Thank-you!, this last weekend was great, I cannot say how much it meant to me, (don't worry I promise that's as soppy as I'll get... LOL ) I think we both learnt a lot about each other and I am really glad we were able to take that step. I've felt that since we met we really haven't known each other, it was as if we got to a point and became stuck there. (also that big yellow jumper didn't exactly make the best first impression... )

As was said over the weekend, we are both quite similar, but in different ways (I hope that makes sense?) Everything that was said was truly appreciated and I meant every word of what I said! You have such a talent and personality to give and I think moving over here has allowed you to find yourself and find your direction. You look really happy, comfortable and have a greater sense of self. I really hope that we will move forward from here and become closer, as you are someone I would truly like to call a friend.

I'll leave it there before I begin to ramble, again thank-you for all your words and thanks also for listening to my constant conversing. Have a great B'day and a blast in Spain!!

Talk to you soon,

aka Allison

on Nov 01, 2004
Hey babe,

Well, I must say that I freaked out when I saw a blog dedicated to me! Argh!

It was a very interesting night, to say the least. I agree that it was long overdue that we got to have a proper chat. Thanks for all the kind words. You seem to have built a very rewarding life for yourself over here and it's great to see both you and Luke so happy.

Take care of yourselves. I hope the voice comes back soon!

Suz xxx
on Nov 01, 2004

Hope your heart rate has gone down...wanted to grab your attention!

No worries, and thank-you, its taken a long time to get here but I/we are really comfortable and looking forward to the future! We are so glad that you had a good time while up here, it was great to see you. Let's make sure it isn't the last time, maybe next time we could fit in a dance?

My voice is teasing me, it returns for a while then it goes again...oh well the price we must pay! It'll come back when it's ready too.

Have fun and take care