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Published on November 5, 2004 By Lengirl In Just Hanging Out
I am so tired, but I can't sleep. I hate nights like this. I end up lying in bed tossing and turning till I eventually drift off only to wake and find that I actually only drifted for about 5minutes. I get up the next day and feel like shit, no motivation, cranky with everyone and everything, and oh yes, still tired!!

I've tried the common theories of insomnia, you know:-

- Get a routine. (tried a few, stuck at them all for at least 2 weeks and well nothing...big fat zero!)

- Warm milk (I think I had a placebo effect for a couple of nights, however my stupid head started over analysing and it became more like a stimulant)

- A good book ( in theory this should work, however I don't like boring books, or to re-phrase I like books that stimulate me and that I find interesting. So basically all that happens is I end up staying up and finishing the damn book...)

- A couple of glasses of wine ( this works well...when the alcohol content is quite high, all a couple of glasses does is leave me wanting more. So I could go through with this but I feel I would end up at maybe not)

- Sex (well it's a good cardio workout and well it certainly tires men out, however it tends to not have a sleepy effect on me, am willing to keep trying at this one though... LOL )

-Blogging ( Again this tends to keep me awake rather than anything else, also I get caught up in reading other peoples blogs that the time just flies...)

So again it is 1am and I am no closer to gaining entry to dream land than I was an hour ago, but I know I should venture off to bed and try to catch at least 40 winks. Wish me luck...

Good night blogland


on Nov 05, 2004
There's always whisky
on Nov 05, 2004
Hehe...oh yes, A hot totty. Said to work wonders. On my shopping list for tomorrow.