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New Job Day One
Published on November 8, 2004 By Lengirl In Work
It arrived, day one of the new job. Got in this morning at about 8:15 was the first one to arrive, (good impression...well at least to begin with). Spent the first hour, clearing out the cabinets and tidying the desk, I like a neat working area. Then people started arriving and I began my lessons in how they run things. Accounts, Mailing Lists, Contributions...all suprisingly easy to follow and understand, I think things will work out.

The environment of the office is quite laid back and easy going. The folks are wonderful, very chatty and kind hearted, good people!
I have had jobs before in a similar capacity (office manager) but this one is different, I feel really comfortable and know my skills and experiences will be appreciated. Also it helps that this job is related to my base degree of Psychology, so that hopefully I can work my way through the ranks... I really think I'm going to like it there!

Will keep you filled in as the weeks go on...but in the meantime, yeah for me!


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