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a metaphor for life
Published on November 22, 2004 By Lengirl In Life Journals
Wise man once say; to build wall start with plan then start with stone.

I have the plan, I’ve had it forever, I’ve had to make some corrections now and then but in essence it’s always the same plan. I even got some help laying the foundation it’s a little bumpy in places but never the less is quite strong. I think the secret is to allow the foundation to give a little, so that when something unexpected like a natural disaster hits the wall will be able to take the full force without collapsing.

Stabilizers (sometimes referred to as parents) hold up some of the lower levels, the first 14 or so, but it starts to get a lot trickier as the wall gets higher. You see the stabilizers can only go up so high; even though they always want to hold the wall up they have to teach the wall to support itself on the higher levels. Complications are also added as the wall gets higher, as it’s supposed to keep its balance yet still continue to build.

Some say it gets easier as you go higher as the rhythm of building takes hold, though others say the building only gets harder as each new level has to be carefully measured and laid. No-one knows how high or wide the wall has to be, it doesn’t seem to really matter as long as the wall doesn’t stop building. Some walls are built very quickly, some are short and some are so high and wide you can’t see around them but they make such an impression on the landscape.

You also have to take into account that yours is not the only wall being built, there are billions of others all around you. Sometimes you’ll have to build around someone else’s or help someone else build their wall for a while or perhaps even share an area of space with them, but don’t worry that’s all in the plan from the beginning. Your plan may change but don’t let that phase you, the important thing is to adapt your plan and continue to build, one stone at a time. My advice; write in pencil, pen can just get messy.

My wall is only ¼ done (according to my calculations), so I still have a fair way to go and a lot of building supplies to buy, but I’m confident that one day my wall will be strong and tall, left for generations to see… (And hopefully not too much graffiti…)

Enough gabbing, I’ve got stones to roll…..

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