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Published on November 23, 2004 By Lengirl In Work
My anger target for today has well and truly been met and dealt with!!


I have just gotten off the phone with a recruitment consultant company I did some work for nearly a month ago. I have been trying to get my P45 form ( tracks wages/tax etc you take it from employer to employer) and the trouble I am having getting hold of this little bit of paper is proving to be much more than it EVER should be! I first started tracking the mentioned form on the 28th of October and was told then that it would be going out in the mail to me within the next couple of days.

So believing this I happily waited but now form had arrived by the 5th of November so I called again. I was told there was a mistake and that I couldn't get the form till the end of the month, but "oh, you finished last month, we'll get one out to you today...", but when a week later I started my new job...still no P45, so I called again on the 12th of November. This time I was told a rubbish story about them having to contact the inland revenue and get confirmation of amounts and codes etc...blantent Lie!!! So I again waited till the following monday the 15th of November and was told that the P45 went out in the mail on the 12th and I should have been told...maybe my address was was all correct except that the city wasn't there, this shouldn't have mattered though as the postcode was there as well as my county. I was told then that another P45 would be printed out and sent again. By the 19th I still hadn't recieved it...I was by this stage getting quite frustrated, but persevered and called again. I said I could come and collect the form myself in person, but was told that this wouldn't work as I could be waiting hours to get the form printed out as it has to be sent away for to be printed...WTF??? lets not get into it!) I left it being told that they will definetly get a form sent out to me that day and that they can't understand why I haven't gotten it in the mail yet.

So this is the history which brings us to this blog. I am still as of today waiting for said form. So I rang the company again today at 1pm, I spoke to the same girl I've spoken to every other time. I do admit I was less than friendly, I wasn't aggressive but I was assertive and made it clear I was less than happy. The girl I spoke to consistantly tried to talk over me (which I hate!), telling me that I had got information incorrect and that I needed to realise they do things differently in this country. What a load of rubbish!! I have dealt with other agencies while over here and this is not how things are done at all!! Also she said that I was very 'Firey and had no right to be'. (bulls*#t!!...they keep stuffing me around!!!)

This is where I stopped allowing her to talk over me and let her know she was talking a load of shit. I pulled her up on the fact that she has consistantly told me information that was incorrect and misleading and that she had said the P45 was in the mail on 4 different occassions. She replied saying she has no control on the mail man not delivering my mail...what??...he surely wouldn't miss-deliver four times? I informed her that she was costing me money, as I am on emergency tax at my new job while she buggers around! I kept talking over her saying that I don't appreciate being accused of lying and not knowing what I was talking about.

I also mentioned that I had been in contact with the inland revenue and they so far have no record of my employment with this company (they should as the company is supposed to inform the inland revenue of new employees etc, BUT THEY DON'T NEED TO APPROVE ANYTHING THAT I GET ....Ie P45!!!) She said that I got it wrong that she actually said she needed confirmation that I am not an illegal immigrant before she can issue my P45. I told her to look more carefully at my file as it clearly states I am a British Citizen even though I have an Aussie accent!!! She was trying yet again to shut me up and brush me off. I wasn't going anywhere though and also was not going to put up with her attitude.

I asked why she couldn't print off a new form (like she had said she could do before) and this time she says the accountancy and payroll system are not interconnected and that's not her department. By this stage I was really getting mad, I asked why she had told me she could do it before, first she said she had never said she could before, then she said that she would get one out in the mail to me today.... I was about to hang up, completely flabbergasted and worn out from all the games and again ready to wait for the next promised mailing, however she said something right at the end of the call that made me want to have last word in the conversation....aarrrrggghhh I was mad!

She said off the cuff that I sounded like a "typically unstable Australian who wasn't happy unless people where hopping (emphasis on) to their commands'.
I replied to this comment: ' Sweetheart, firstly you should watch who you're calling unstable as that's cause for defamation, secondly you should know Australians are some of the most easy going, laid back people you'll ever meet. We work, rest and play hard, but one thing we don't stand for is people like you and your company who seem to get some sick pleasure out of stuffing people about and screwing up what should be minimal, simple to deal with tasks. I cannot fathom how this situation has grown and grown into what now seems to be such a large problem with a very small solution. I will again take your word to be true and expect to recieve my P45 within the next two days, if not you'll be getting yet another phone call from me. Which by the way are starting to mount up, I'd be within my rights to send you and invoice for the inconvienece. Thank-you. Goodbye.... Click.[

I don't really care if it made an impression or not, god it felt good!! It also feels great to pour all this out here. Anger dissolved!!



on Nov 23, 2004
Ouch, that doesn't sound like fun, I hope you get you P45 form soon.
on Nov 23, 2004
Thanks Danny

Only time will tell... I will again play the waiting game
on Nov 23, 2004
I hate getting the run-around like that.

What country is this company in anyway?
on Nov 23, 2004
What country is this company in anyway?

UK...Glasgow, Scotland. Getting the run around and basically being told I don't know what I'm talking about are two of my biggest pet peeves!

Thanks for reading
on Nov 23, 2004
I'd start recording conversations with this girl, or ask to speak to a supervisor. It's obvious she has no intention of helping you, and after your last conversation I'd go so far as to say she'll now go out of her way to ensure you don't get that form. Your best bet now is going to probably be talking to someone more senior about it. If she refuses to forward you to someone, go down in person and ask for someone senior.

No matter the end result of all of this, I would definitely file a complaint against that particular employee for lieing to you and for causing you a fair bit of financial trouble through her incompetence.
on Nov 23, 2004
I've been thinking along the same lines, I just need to formulate a plan of attack! I definetly don't want to deal with this girl again, problem is she's the head of the payroll department and seemingly she's totally seperate from the accouting department..hmmm?? I think they have a head office in London so I may have to resort to that.

It seems so silly though, all this trouble for something so trivial! Oh well, such is life...

Thanks, nice to make your acquaintance!!
on Nov 23, 2004
You might want to try this. I had a lot of problems with my phone company. Getting over charged, bogus long distance phone calls (on dyas when I was on holiday) and eventually being charged even after I cancelled my phone. What I started to do was every time I called to talk to them I would tell them I was recording the conversation for my records. The next time I had to call them back I played back the converstaion from the last time and you wouldn't believe how quickly they got things resolved and stopped blaming me for their mistakes.
on Nov 23, 2004
Thanks mick_k

It's funny how quickly people back-peddle when you throw the truth in their faces!
I'm going to wait till Friday, (I figure two days is long enough to get it posted out) and then will call again and will be sure to record the conversation, as everytime I call I get told some new bit of information. Thanks!